Wise Words from The Core DJ’s Tony Neal


I had some wise words come through my email today and wanted to share…

“Work on your having OWN.

You can’t get fired or “let go” from your own. Make efforts to have your own. Make yourself an asset not a liability.

Make everything you are good at & do go back to what you have a passion for.  Don’t worry about you & not what someone else has … congratulate them, use their accomplishments as motivation.

Everything is a constant grind, trust is limited, loyalty & common sense is damn near obsolete & the same ones that don’t answer you now, will answer you later, no one can block what you are blessed with

Hurdle over the barriers, pray & meet GOD on the other side.

Help some that deserves to be helped.

Your calls are important to someone, they just haven’t got the ring yet. Know that your time only matter to you & stay hands on.

Everyone has a down moment but weather the storm, family & know when to react. I’ve learned that everyone is not for you, I’ve accepted that & it was up to me to cut off & not try to force anything with anyone again.

“The same ones who talk about you, talk about them too.”

“The best ears have silent mouths.”

Have a great weekend.” – Tony Neal

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