Download the Duck or Die Mixtape by @WhoIsDuck! #NewMusic

To steal a line from the newly released project…It’s been a long time coming but the Duck or Die mixtape has been released and is available for download. The project features appearances from Houston hardhitters such as Propain, K-Rino and up and coming (quick) rapper Bigg Fatts. The first lady of Triple H Ent. BossLady Jaye and the very talented Big Pup make appearances as well.

Since I am Duck’s manager I feel that it must be acknowledged that my review is 100% biased because any track that I didn’t like was told before release and therefore I don’t have any negative feedback about the project. What I can share is my top tracks and why I stand behind them.

1. “The Otherside” – While this song garners the attention of all listeners, those who have been with us since the beginning understand the value of this track. The Otherside brought Duck national attention by winning the Coast 2 Coast mixtapes SxSW competition, being featured on and having the video debuted on World Star Hiphop. With The Other Side people began to formulate an assumption about Duck as the good guy. While this is mostly true it is somewhat wrong. There is alot more to Duck than “the good guy” role people want him to play and listening to the whole project will give you an idea of that.

2. “Weekend Money” (original and remix): This is the track he performed to bring it home especially at venues like The Toc Bar in downtown Houston. Starting off with the original and the energetic adlibs and verse from Duggy D all the way to the remix with Bigg Fatts, D-Boy Danny and Rucka all putting their unique spin on the track. Weekend Money has been featured on various mixtapes across the country, 90.3 fm with Maxie and the Take Ova Crew on KTSU and the video has been played on numerous hiphop tv shows including Houston’s Street Flava.

3. “Feels So Good”: Listen to it an you will know why.

4. “Bad Habits ft. C-Lacy”: This audio thriller is rooted from Duck’s view on alcohol abuse and amplified with C-Lacy’s haunting vocals.

5. “To The Top ft. Bigg Fatts”: This song jams and Bigg Fatts KILLS the feature.

6. “Smack ’em All” Big Pup” Duck and Bigg Fatts: Some rappers just compliment each other and this song is magic. It is surely not something you would expect from 3 Houston/Mo City rappers.  Another one that you have to hear to believe.

I could go on and on. I am proud to have played a small part in the creation of this project and I’m happy to be able to share my personal thoughts on it. Download, share and enjoy.


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