Video Review – “Shut This Bitch Down” Frankie G Da Mex

Ladies and gentlemen rejoice, cinematography has returned to music videos. In this particular case we can thank Denver Harbor native Frankie G Da Mex and his newest video “Shut This Bitch Down”.  If ever there was a rapper with a fascination for the lures of a lifestyle fit for Bonnie & Clyde, Frankie G would be that rapper. “Shut This Bitch Down” takes us on a high impact get away ride with Frankie and his very easy on the eye, red headed La Femme Nikita. For a video so hot its only fitting it ends with the former Houston Press nominated best latin artist dancing in ring of fire.

From guns and peepholes to hoodies and lingerie Frankie G Da Mex and director David Nguyen show exactly what can happen when the right script and the right vision come together. Its doesn’t take a big budget, CGI, pyrotechnics or any of the other norms we come to expect from rap videos. Just an artist with a clear vision for his music and a director that’s able to match that vision with proper camera work and precise editing.

“Shut This Bitch Down” shows Frankie taking his stand and venting his frustration in an industry full of crooked promoters and pay for play radio stations. But what it really shows is Frankie’s gift in scripting and concepting his own music videos. Especially when those video included a love interest willing to take the charge for her man. Reference to Frankie’s previous video “Weeps” which also features another Bonnie to his Clyde, saving him from the tortures of a mexican drug cartel. In some ways this video is a continuation or perhaps a prequel in what could now be called a high drama video series.

Frankie G Da Mex is an accomplished local hip-hop artist. Like many in his field he is still in an up hill battle to separate himself from his peers. He has a show resume that matches many of Houston’s top live acts and a couple pervious Houston Press Award nominations to boot. Frankie now finds himself in a good position going forward and many are curious to see if he can break through some of his pervious road blocks. All signs point in the right direction as Frankie has just been book to play on 8 Ball & Mjg’s 20th Anniversary concert December 22nd at Club Empire, where we fully expect Frankie G Da Mex to “Shut This Bitch Down”.

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Directed by David Nguyen. Copyright I-10 Ent./Eugot Music 2013

Production by Vince at Barron Studios


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