Video Review of @Imwhyjae “Lights”

Have you ever seen the movie Predator? You know, the one where Arnold Schwarzenegger finds himself alone in the woods with a violent alien born with a natural blood lust… Well remove the buff Austrian and the deadlocked alien warlord and you find yourself in the middle of WhyJae’s new music video “Lights”. A video that begins in the comforts of what looks to be an Ikea bed frame, surrounded by a few of your aunt’s old tiki torches. WhyJae is soon awakened in the wilderness by a band of masked misfits. Perhaps this will soon be the bank robbery scene from the 90’s surf flick Point Break or maybe WhyJae just has dead presidents on his mind. The MC declares “They be like youngin’ you made it, then I’m like nigga you faded, you stupid as fuck if you think that I made it, I bought me a car gave it back couldn’t pay it”.

The video is full of subtle and faint imagery. As WhyJae and the gang of plastic president walk aimlessly thru the woods images of hanging skeleton corpse and blood red Jabbawockeez begin to settle in the background.  I began to wonder if WhyJae was trying to tell us something? Perhaps he is saying that even as he finds his self lost in the pursuit of his dreams, he’s still pushing back the nightmares. From the content of this video it seems his only reason for losing sleep would be a strong fear of  failure. WhyJae is sure to draw comparisons both stylistically and visually to Kendric Lamar and at this point in Kendric’s career that might not be a bad thing for WhyJae.

As the FLS/Headwrecka alumni prepares to release his latest solo project “Timeless”. He makes clear to those questioning the musical relationship of his fellow rhyme mate NinoGotti. “Fuck what a nigga gotta say. Get that bull shit outta my face… and yes me and Gotti still straight”. Just like that WhyJae turns out the “Lights” on a very impressive video.

Be sure to catch WhyJae live in Houston with ASAP FERG November 22nd at Warehouse Live 813 St Emanuel St  Houston, TX 77003

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Video presented by IYO Visuals

Directed by Ngigi Githoro


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