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Video Review “Flowers” Dirty & Nasty

(Written By Noon)

Perhaps it’s the recent passing of world renown hero and revolutionary South African President Nelson Mandela, thats has ushered in an aura of essence and reflection. In the spirit of that essence, this video review come to us from Houston natives Dirty & Nasty. A neo-centric hip-hop duo known for fighting the power a la Public Enemy, minus the antics of a hype man with an exuberent clock hanging from his neck.

“Flowers” is a video shot completely in black in white, setting a remorseful tone for the scenes that follow. “All hail due to the deceased” the focal battle cry of a video shot on the other side of the tracks. As both Dirty and Nasty recite tales of their musical birth, they both find themselves on separate quest. Led solely by faith, curiousty and a letter that acts as a map to an unknown destination. Symbolizing the duos journey from individual artist, to the collective that is Dirty & Nasty.

Steeped in the traditions of culture and true school hip-hop, Dirty & Nasty may find themselves in a struggle to connect with todays mainstream music goer. The group however stands as a breath of fresh air in an industry full of swaged out guidelines. They also approach music with a fearlessness rarely seen in Houston’s musical landscape. Which is exactly why despite these obstacles the duo has been able to obtain fair amount of success in the local scene. “Flowers” stands as a symbol of beauty that rose from the dirt.


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“Flowers” produced by Julian Spade @JulianSpade


Directed by Shaka Sulaiman

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