Upgrade your Tuesdays with @NoEgosMovement


If you take a look through my agenda you will find that Tuesdays have been permanently ripped out. That’s right; if it is a Tuesday afternoon I am not available thanks to the No Ego’s Movement (formerly known as Cushions and Cocktails) and their Apollo style open mic at the Sugarhill on Southmore.

Imagine exiting a parking lot, walking through the door and taking a seat on a smooth relaxing leather seat or one of many cushy round booths facing a blue lit stage with a beautiful damask print backdrop and being carried away my the musical stylings of a very talented collection of musicians. Pause…I wanted to see who was paying attention. RECAP – I said exit parking lot, walk through the door and take a seat. What’s missing from there? A cover charge! Why? It is FREE FREE FREE to get in. Now back to the details.

The atmosphere is definitely comfortable but energetic. Perhaps the relaxing ambience stems from the candle lit incense that the host, the very talented Ahmed, stragetically places around the sitting areas or it could simply be the artistic vibe shared amongst a room full of talented people. Either way, there are very few places that you can enter and feel at home. Sugarhill Tuesdays is one of them.

While it is an open mic, after a few visits the faces become familiar. As previously mentioned, Ahmed – the live music ambassador and host of No Egos, is very talented and has an amazing voice. He is a naturally warm spirit and his brilliant smile greats every person that walks in. Ahmed does an impeccable job of connecting artist of several different talents, genres and backgrounds to where the open mic feels a lot less like an open mic and more like a show that gets better each visit.

New artists or as Ahmed likes to call them “virgins” are always welcomed and we like them because “they are always tight” but I will warn you, once you come once you will come again. It’s just that good.  Amongst the regular performers are Kai Hicks – a sultry vocalist who has sung with many global artist and is local treasure, Reggie Jamz – male songwriter and singer, Chadd J – another great singer/songwriter (ladies you should come meet him), of course TrueSole’s own, Duck and Bigg Fatts grace the stage on a regular along with our talented pals, Gary J, Dray-10, Joey and Damien Palmer.  These are just a few that I can name within my short time coming out but trust me there are many more singers, poets, rapper, dancers, comedians and musicians who frequent the spot. I have yet to see a better reoccuring indie lineup. Recently Houston legend, Wickett Crickett even sung. At No Ego Tuesdays there is no telling what you are going to get.

So next Tuesday come out. Hear live music they way it was designed to sound. Come drink and if you don’t drink, bring a friend who drinks. Experience the artistic side of south Houston and upgrade your Tuesday nights.

Sugarhill Lounge – 2533 Southmore Blvd, Houston, TX 77004

Show usually starts around 9:30-10.

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