TrueSole Live Radio Show Recap

Anyone who listens to TrueSole Live Radio Show with me and my handy dandy co-host Nneka from Live Ink, knows that we are the plug queens. We plug our upcoming events, other peoples music and shows and of course my blog, but rarely does the radio show get plugged anywhere. Today I decided to change that. Maybe it’s because I had a lot of fun laughing and joking with our guests of the night or perhaps it was the one, two, three, six Khaluas(s/o to our nonexistent sponsor) and milk I drunk during the show but either way…here is a brief recap of our night. coash We started off a little late but once we kicked off at about 7:15pm, we came in with the hosts of the Live Ink Basketball Classic. Relli (rap artist), International O (website curator and an overall great music resource) and The Fresh Prince of ATX (my favorite Austin blogger) all shared their excitement about the upcoming game and the recent draft. One of the highlights was us bad talking the owner of 713 Entertainment (and Relli’s manager) about being one of the only females in the game and not taking it seriously. 713nira Entertainment’s owner never talks on the air so when she called to give us a lashing during the music break I was happy to record it and play it back. Following the coaches, the beautiful Simone Skye came in to share stories about her recent filming of upcoming BET tv show, Rep Your City. In addition to the stories about the show, she divulge information about her struggles with family vs. music which was really heartfelt and deep. Simone Skye is a woman of many layers and we were honored that she felt comfortable enough to shed a few on our show. We are all crossing our fingers for her in this competition!   Our fellow station mates, Tea In The Shade Radio came in a few minutes later. If you don’t listen to their shows on Thursday then you are doing your funny bone a grave injustice. Nae and Kira have me dying laughing every time they get on the air and today was no exception. My twin Tootie of Music 2 My Ears Radio (Mondays from 7-10) snuck also and we entered girl talk overload. We spoke about the upcoming GMT Radio Host Mixer, our hilarious station owner, K-Nice, men and reality tv. During the interview Bullet Dibia$e (dee-bee-yah-see) called in to talk about his upcoming performance in the Livin’ X-Large Concert and let us hear one of his new singles called Bosslife featuring Lil Man off his No Crown Needed Mixtape. It definately jammed. I was excited about meeting Bullet D (only I can call him that) before but after hearing him refer to himself as our country cousin I am more anxious to see how he handles the stage. Not only does he make great music, Bullet D is a hilariously charming individual. Overall, today was a lot of fun and ended with me drinking Nneka’s soda at Chachos, the after-hours spot/restaurant for all things ratchet in Houston.  In case you are wondering, Tuesday nights is not the best time for Chachos because it old folks night but when girls start laughing and giggling not much else matters. Make sure you tune in next week and every Tuesday from 7-10pm CST on www.GMTradio.com but warning…we are all about interactive radio. If we find out you are tuning in you may just become a part of the show.

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