@ToNeSoCole – The Game Plan

So we caught wind of this guy at the Jet Lounge a while back and he was definately a stand out artist. His style is very much lyrical and damn near poetic. Mellow and cool and when you listen he be saying some shit. Nah on the real he got it. I will say his style is sort of similiar to Drake but the music is more substantial. Check out the mixtape… I got that “Tell Me You Love It” on repeat. Be sure to tune into StreetzView Radio on 10/09 as he comes to our interrogation room lol.


Tony Solomon, or as his fans know him, Tone; is a Houston-made and raised hip-hop artist and rapper. Tony was born on September 22nd, 1993 in the heart of Houston, Texas. Turning his dreams into reality has been his main priority; from creating his own beats, to mixing, to being a lyrist, he is not only determined to put his hometown on the map in the music industry, but to reveal his story, his team, DYNA’s story and to keep his listeners shocked every time he comes out with something new. Tony is affiliated with the DYNA team including artist “Doeman” which was founded in August 2011, and in turn fired up Tone’s music career status. Tone’s inspirations which impacted him to follow the music path in his life were his love for music and his fascination in arts. His favorite artists are, Jay-Z, and Kanye West, whom he looks up to. Tone’s most recent project: “The Playoff,” was released September 22nd and is now available!!



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