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@TheSugarJoiko feat. Moreno – Shining Bright (Original)

Lately I’ve been taking a deeper look at what type of music I really like. Of course I love hip-hop because my life is embedded in it but what did I listen to before I was working with Duck and Fatts. What type of music was a drawn to just because it made me feel something? Immediately I thought of Brandy and her single “Almost Doesn’t Count” but then my mind wondered to Destiny’s Child, Tony Braxton, Blaque and Prince. If there are independent rappers who sound as good as the mainstream artists shouldn’t that be the case with R&B and pop musicians too? I figured I must not be looking hard enough and apparently I wasn’t because I ran a quick Google Search for Houston pop artists and immediately local pop artist Sugar Joiko came up and I was blown away. Check out her recent video for yourself.


Twitter: @TheSugarJoiko

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