#TheNCrowd reinvents the showcase #ShowReview

#TheNCrowd reinvents the showcase #ShowReview

Yesterday, The N Crowd presented an amazing show at Avant Garden featuring acts from Kab Tha Don, Luke Duke, Dante Higgins, Onehunnidt and Reggie Gohnson. I have to be honest and say it was one of the best shows of the year and (drum roll please) it was free. Femcee Tawn P kept the crowd in check with her chant “Respect the mic aight” which was a necessity because it was a small venue with a lot of recognizable faces including Doughbeezy, Rob Gullatte, Note and of course my guys Bigg Fatts and Duck so people really felt like they were hanging out with friends instead of at one of Houston’s zillions of showcases (and that is definitely a good thing). The vibe was laid back and comfortable, well until the fore mentioned rappers touched the mic. Then it got fun and comfortable.

I was running late from catching up on blog submissions (you can never post just one) so I missed Reggie Gohnson and caught the tail end of Luke Duke’s show but I would lose no sleep over telling you that they both did a great job. (I confirmed it with a few people as well) so the first full act I witnessed was Onehunnidt who was dressed to kill. Actually his first victim could have been himself in that jacket. He had on long sleeves –in a club- in Houston. You get the point but he looked great. In the spirit of the upcoming holiday, he opened with his award winning track, “Father’s Day”. Heads bounced in unison as he shared his pain about his brother’s passing and lack of support from his dad but he quickly switched the mood with more up tempo tracks including one of my personal favorites, “Retail Therapy” featuring Lana Fame.


Following Onehunnidt, Dante Higgins took the stage and spewed fiery lyrics throughout the whole set. In his passion to release his descriptive words over eager ears he skipped from track to track with nearly no breaks. Higgins’ show was definitely memorable and he brought along a few special performers including UNDERGRAVITY and Doughbeezy. From start to end the south side native (threw that out there for Reggie Johnson) lyricist kept it fast past and hitting hard but by the time he rolled into Hen feat. T-Dash, the crowd shared their disappointment when he tried to move to the next track too fast. Not one to leave the crowd hanging, Higgins replied, “Oh yal feeling that one? I didn’t know.” Then he smiled as he asked the dj to bring it back. The song just put everyone in one of those moods.


The last artist of the night was Mr. Big Bad Kab. I haven’t seen most of Kab’s performances but out of the ones I have witnessed this was definitely the best. He shot out every word with so much emphasis and power that people were afraid he would lose his voice mid-show (people meaning his manager, Blak Suga). Doughbeezy who was standing front and center to support Kab, dropped the pretense and was a full on fan as he screamed along every word with him. The audience was in a trance as Kab went from bar to bar using every breath in his lungs to push out rhymes. To heighten the moment, a cheesing Rob Gullatte walked on stage wearing his infamous robe and completely transformed as he fired out his verse on Kab’s “Good Music”. When they finished Kab attempted to walk gracefully into the crowd but the people wouldn’t let him. They were demanding an encore. All I remember is Wiz Kushman screaming, “Still Trippin please Kab please” and with a head nod from Kab the dj dropped the beat, Doughbeezy grabbed the mic and they were at it again. K Dogg wasn’t present for his verse but his presence was still felt as Doughbeezy quarterbacked the audience through it and we were back to Kab.



I said it once and I will be happy to say it again, this was one of the best shows I have attended this year and you really missed out if you were not present. I’m not the type to rub it in (yes I am) but I loved every single minute of it. Huge shout out to the N Crowd for putting this all together. This will be a recurring event at Avant Garden every 2nd Wednesday of the month so make sure you clear your schedule.

Event Planner: @TheNCrowdMusic

Host: @TawnPeron


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Guest Performers:

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P.S. Don’t hate on my camera phone pics and check out my vine life below:

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