The Scene: Featuring Park City Blues by MC Lyro

Part of my frustration with music on the local level is that more than half of the really great music is ignored. It is easy to get a speckle of notoriety in one of three ways.

  1. Make watered down stuff that strippers and club women can dance to. The men will pay attention to this and then regular women and young girls who also want male attention will follow the trend and the result is that you will have a hit.
  2. Pay people for attention. I’m not knocking it. If you want to get a promo package from myself or the core by all means do. We have bills to pay and so do these publicists, bloggers, djs, videographers and everyone else who devotes time to their craft but just know that this is an easy way in.
  3. Kiss ass, lots of it. To the point that you start to think that everything and everyone smells like shit.

What is hard, is to make it by the strength of your music alone. It frustrates me that people like Cooley Kimble are hanging up their microphones because (IMO, not his words) they aren’t getting the recognition they deserve. It annoys me that tapes like White Hall and Higher Learning aren’t nominated for a grammy. That’s right, a fucking grammy! It is complete bullshit that Bigg Fatts put out Fast Food and had to drop a watered down version of that like Appetizers to get some attention and why did Propain need Rich Homie before his song projected when he has BEEN making dope music? How is Killa Kyleon not a legend? This man is one of the best lyricists of our generation and yet his name isn’t anywhere near his talent.

Good music is ignored because the people, brands and movements follow the money, the attention and the spotlight. I get it and this probably won’t change but can’t we take a little time out to actually respect the people who are putting pieces of their soul out there on the tracks too?

In conclusion of this rant, I leave you with a new song that is genuinely good but you probably won’t hear too often because the music “industry” sucks,  Blues by MC Lyro and produced by Phil Script.

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