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Houston’s newest internet radio station The Core 94! has been up for almost 2 months now and I am finally ready to talk about it. Why now? Well…I wanted to give it a chance to speak for itself first and it has. We started The Core 94! for two reasons. One – we were frustrated because the station we were at previously was down for construction and we didn’t know when/if we would be back on air and two – we wanted to try this radio thing our way.

So what have we learned in the time we have been doing it? It isn’t as easy as it looks. I have way more respect for people like Fiya, Go Getta, Ram and K-Nice because we have a team of 5 and have been worked to the point of exhaustion and they have been doing it solo for years. Between unexplained system changes, last minute emergencies, internet going down, dealing with multiple personalities and humbling yourself to apologize for stuff you didn’t do wrong – finally have a taste of what they go through. That being said, if I could go back would I change my decision to join up with Nneka, Tootie, Nae and Kira and start The Core 94!? Hell no!

Why are we different? It’s not some crazy notion but we decided that we didn’t want The Core 94! to have a face. We wanted it to be a reflection of all 5 personalities blending together to start it off and then being able to breathe and incorporate elements from all the different shows that joined, but most importantly we wanted it to be what our listeners wanted. We also wanted to support independent artists so we made sure we were paying royalties from jump. In addition to that, we had to interact with our listeners so we allowed their voices to be our spokesperson. 60% of the drops on the show come from local artists, small businesses and listeners because they needed to know that The Core 94! was their station. Plus having our crazy Instagram helps alot. We like to think of our followers as our listeners and our listeners as the 6th (And dominant) owner of The Core 94!

I can’t forget to mention that we have baddest hosts in the land. Every show has a unique personality and crowd that it attracts. The Process is motivating and inspiring, We Are The City is raw but fun, ADX is that drunken one night stand you have every week and the list goes on and on. I listen to our shows because I truly love them. It’s the part of The Core 94 that the owners have no control over. The shows are where The Core 94 really becomes amazing.

The Highlights? We have had so many it is hard to pick one and if you ask Kira, Nneka, Nae or Tootie you may get a different answer. Nneka might chose when Paul Wall followed us on Instagram. Kira may go for having that packed crowd at the launch mixer. Nae was overjoyed when a listener complimented her UGK mix and Tootie well Tootie got excited about everything. I think my highlight would be getting on air and seeing all the people that were tuned in on our first show. That was an amazing feeling.

We have come a long way in this month in a half and we have a long way to go. This was an emotional piece so I’m sure I missed some things. If you have any questions feel free to come chat with me at The Indie Spring Jam this Saturday or Tunes 4 Autism next Wednesday. Both of which are backed by the power of The Core 94! and presented by 2 of 5 mind blowing founders.

If you haven’t tuned in it is not to late. Here is the link:

Twitter: @TheCore94

Instagram: @TheCore94

Facebook: TheCore94

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