The Baddest Dame in the Game – Surreall

Not only she as pretty as all out doors but she is super nice too…well at least that is untils she gets on the stage and it’s a whole new Surreall. Oh and DO NOT forget the double R or the double L or you may just get your head chewed off.

We have been a fan of Surreall for a minute now, (Darryl more than anybody) and she has never failed to rock a show and look great doing it! There is a “little” inside joke between myself, Surreall and my twin Tootie but we are gone keep the focus on how hot Surreall is :).

Check out the first lady of Swisha House’s entry for the BET HOT 16 Hip Hop Awards Cypher entry for 2012. The young lady is beastly!

She is also nominated on the list of top ten best female rapper of 2013. Wow this is a hard ballet guys. Yal go peep it.

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