Streetz View Radio says Goodbye this Tuesday

It seems like just yesterday we had our first episode featuring HNIC Mankyne and BossLady Jaye but actually it was a little more than 6 months ago and it has been a constant wave of excitement.

As with anything the first thing people want to know is why? The simple truth is, our goal was never radio. For those who follow the TrueSole campaign you know we are primarily focused on promoting our artist and opening doors for other entertainers as well. It seemed difficult to get radio play or media attention and so we stayed true to our motto and created our own way. That lead to the birth of Streetz View Radio on Street 93.3 but now it is time that we get back to our passion of simply making great music and entertaining our fans.

We would like to thank all of our past guests BLJ and Mankyne, Queendom of SDS, Onehunnidt, Killa Kyleon, Propain, Doughbeezy, KAB, Doublebe, Just Brittany, Lil O, Joey, 1232, Seano Phresh, The Sky Boyz, Ms. Kenya, Ms. Juicy, Tootie Wootie, ADX, DBottz, Symphoni, Phire, Johnny Parelli, Marcel, MLB, The H-town It Girlz, Gary J, Bucctyme, MD, Point Blank, K-Rino, Surreall, Kris-Chuhn, Spady, Fedey, The PhounDation, Typhus Flow, Certified Ent., BigPup, Ken II and anyone else we may have missed.

Thank you to Fiya for providing a business opportunity to create our own radio show and to DJ RAE for staying up with us to 12:30 every Tuesday with a huge shout out to the whole A-Team Media Broadcasting family. We wish you all the best!

You may not hear our beautiful speaking voices anymore but you will still see us constantly. We are proud to announce that we now have our own television show, Streetz View TV, which allows us to spread the word about Duck, Bigg Fatts, Fiya and Kris-Chuhn along with our other talented friends and gives us all the more reason to be out at events, doing shows and interacting with people in the music industry. Artist please submit your videos to and we will have them played on television.

On top of that our rappers will still be raising hell on their personal projects and our modeling group will still be catching your eye.

You can also catch TrueSole Ent. at our events. On December 30th we will be having a “HipHop Afta Dark” Contest with a $300 cash prize. For more information on how to attend or compete check out our post here >>>Hip Hop Afta Dark<<<.

Once again we would like to thank our past guests and our loyal listeners. Join us as we say goodbye to radio (we are keeping our name though) on Tuesday, December 18, 2012 at 10:30 PM and stay connected with us on Facebook (, Twitter ( and of course our site.

Goodbye people :*(.

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