The Scoop on #CoolWhipz from @Bro_Dini – The Track Whippaz Compilation

After 12 hours of riding in a car on a boring interstate filled with trees and swamps, I am finally ready to give my best attempt at an unbiased review on The Cool Whipz Compilation project crafted from singles produced, recorded and engineered by Bro_Dini of the Track Whippaz.

Needless to say I am excluding Box and Too Turned Up because they are my artist’s songs and I think they are they best thing since slice bread. That excluded….

Favorite Beat: #6 “Westheimer “- Overtime Ft. Young B

Why? The beat just hits me over  the head with that H-town feel that I just love. 

Favorite Song: #14 “ASS” – Jodi B. Basik

Why? Normally I’m not a huge fan of auto-tune yet this time it just works. Other than that, I think the inner stripper in me just loves to scream shake life.

Most Memorable Song: #10 “Say Bitch” – Mac Fame Ft. Stockzilla and Young Von/#3 “Stunty” – Big Bay ft. Bigg Fatts

Why? I chose “Say Bitch” because it is extremely catchy and makes me look around nervously when I hear it. I also find myself singing it in my head throughout the day.

Stunty was picked because it is funny and memorable. Big Bay has one of those voices that just stand out and Bigg Fatt’s “Miley Cyrus, no butts” line catches me off guard every time. 

Funniest Song: #11 “Box” – Bigg Fatts (Yea I know I said excluded but there is no denying this one.)

Why? You just have to listen to this one but one word…whale bait.

People’s Choice: #4 “Know Bout Me” – Young Von

Why? Whenever other people listen to the cd “Know Bout Me” always makes the list of favorite tracks.

Overall I loved the project and Bro_Dini did a great job of selecting the final lineup. There was one or two that I could live without but nothing that diminish the compilation as a whole. Every beat was jamming though.

This is all based on my opinion, but do you agree or disagree? Let us know your thoughts.

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