About TrueSole

TrueSole is a small company that powers big dreams. Out of 24 hours in a day the average American has only 2.5 hours of free time. We support individuals who have aspirations to beautify those hours and make human life more enjoyable. The magic of music is a world-wide necessity and by assisting artist who fulfill those needs we help you have a happier life.

Our mission is to position artists gifted with the rare ability to connect with large audiences to be identifiable, desirable and highly sought after by the leading A&R’s and label owners. In order to do this we offer the following services:


• Graphic & Web Design
• Event Coordination


• Public Relations


• Artist Development


• Consulting/Contract Negotiations


• Promoting Services


• Marketing


• Audio & Visual Design


• Brand Development
If there is something that our onboard staff cannot do, we will find a reputable company to do it for us. It is impossible for anyone to guarantee you a successful music career… that depends solely on your drive, dedication and talent. What we offer is that necessary advantage. We get you noticed.

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