@Onehunnidt – Retail Therapy featuring @IamLanaFame #SongReview

People hate the word trend. Not to say this isn’t justified considering it’s typically used to refer to skinny jeans, lace fronts or the poor fallen fashion empire CitiTrends –thanks single handedly to Beat King- but sometimes trends refer to topics that are so incredible that they deserve to be duplicated and improved upon. The new trend in rap is looking at women and their actions from a humanistic point of view. In the previous years it was common to just refer to a woman as a b*tch, gold digger or user when it came to rap. I’m not saying this practice has been abandoned but artists like Lil Wayne, Wale and now Houston’s own, Onehunnidt are taking a little time to understand the psyche of the “bad girl”.


As a society we are a little too tolerate of women who build their careers off of nudity and vulgarity, display narcissism as a primary personality trait, and those who use consumerism as their own form of expensive therapy. I am by no means saying we should judge them but if we don’t take the time to understand the root of their actions we are missing a huge part of what it means to be human and may be shrugging off signs of distress. Onehunnidt is no rapper to me. He is a poet who happens to sound great accompanied by beats…a lyricist in the truest form of the word and if you can listen to this song and get nothing from it then you didn’t listen.


Lana Flame who accompanies him on this musical parable has been gifted with an amazing voice. Her vocals assist with adding to the emotional tone of this project.  I’m truly hoping this is song is performed on Saturday at the Indie Spring Jam taking place at Avani Lounge.


Don’t take my word for it. Listen to the track and judge it for yourself.

Produced by Rodney Purple Mcknight
Written by: Onehunnidt
Additional vocals: Chelsey Bell, Pradia, Jodii B Basik
engineering: Bro Dini


Available for download May 2013.  Theatrical visual presentation coming soon.
DWI, the project coming soon.


The cast:






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