#NewVideo @FattyHaddy “I’m On” shot by @TheBHard

So if you know me, you know that if you get a call on the Saturday morning then I’m up to something. Thats what happened to Fatts last week. I said, “hmm I want to shoot you a video,” and he (being the ‘long as it benefits Fatty’ guy that he is) said ok cool. Within a few hours we were in what Fatts refers to as “the hood” and he was calling people from all down the street to come be in the video, including one of the obvious stars of visual, Mr. Original Stanky Leg (his words, not mine)GI.

Anyway, it’s not perfect visually, but the ryhmes are and it is most def. entertaining. Share your thoughts….

I’m On by Bigg Fatts produced by Abstrakk

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