#NewVideo #Family by @BossLadyJaye713 ft. Chelle and Produced by @ProdusaFred |@WhoIsDuck

Warning, when BossLadyJaye goes quiet for a second, that usually means she is about to come back with a vengeance. That’s exactly what head turnin’ diva did with her latest video, Family. The last video I remember about a female rapper covering domestic issues was Trina in her “Here We Go Again” song but somehow BLJ has a way of sharing her story in such a raw fashion that you swear it’s real.

Check out Family below and of course we have to mention that TrueSole’s own, Duck is featured as the trifling ni**a with BossLady Jaye’s hand in his face.

I am honestly looking forward to seeing what Jaye shocks us with next.

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