Mixtape Review – Texas Ranger (The I-45 Mixtape) from @IMLILJEFF


Honesty moment…when it first came on I was nervous. The intro isn’t one that you would expect to hear from a rapper but then again, aren’t we all tired of the same ole same ole? I truly enjoyed Lil Jeff’s “Texas Ranger (the I-45 Mixtape)” project and once I got to the music I couldn’t turn it off. It’s been in the dashboard since Friday. So far my fave track is “Pinky Rang” but “Swangaz On Da Highway (Feat. Phill Wade)” is a close 2nd.

I had the pleasure of meeting Lil Jeff at my twin’s radio show (Tootie Wootie Radio on Texas 101 Jams every Friday night *plug) and he is a cool, down to Earth guy. He shared the true meaning of what the Triple D stood for (because I was all wrong) and described his goal to unify Houston and Dallas and just focus on the whole Texas movement.

Artist if you are looking to collaborate with a talented artist who is definitely on the rise be sure to reach out to Lil Jeff. He said he is willing to work and I guarantee you won’t regret it.

Check out his mixtape on Dat Piff and if you like it (which you will) support this artist buy purchasing it on itunes.

Until next time…Brittany AKA B-Hard

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