Mag Studios: Fam Up @FamNewton vs. @CMoneiiMusic – Rap Battle #HURB

IMG_0047After leaving the Houston Underground Rap Battle (#HURB) between See Green of Fam Up and C Moneii of Ammunition Gang, I feel like I did the moment I learned that Gandhi was racist. All this time I thought I knew about the Houston underground scene but in truth, I just knew the popular opinion of it.


The #HURB scene definitely deserves it’s own dark chapter in Houston Underground Encyclopedia and it is built on the a few of the oldest foundations of humanitarian blood sport. First of all, each opponent is trying his best to verbally rip the opponent’s head off and everything from the shape of girlfriends, residence, educational status and of course previous failures is another tool for your opponent to stab you with. While there are only two people inside the ring, the battle is clearly about your team, fam, gang, whatever you want to call it and at times the outsiders became more emotional than the lyrical warriors in the ring were.


Check out the footage of the battle below. I’ll refrain from adding my personal views on that portion of the event.

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