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Lacing it up with Bennie Dub – Kickback Sunday Highlight artist|@BennieDub

This week we decided to take a different turn on the whole Kickback Sundays scene and highlight a standout artist from the show. My choice…Bennie Dub. While he is definitely a beast during his performances and he has been consistent since week 1, what really makes him stand apart from the crowd is his ability to network with everyone and the support he shows for all of the other artist. With his charismatic smile and his calm but captivating performances, it is quit obvious he isn’t the norm so this week we are lacing it up with Bennie Dub.


[chat question=”What do you hope to get out of performing at Kickback Sundays?”]

I just want to make a name for myself where other artist hear me and see I’m really about this music thing and want to work with me. At the end of the day it’s about the networking. I have already started working with some dope artist & producers (Jay Kell, John Doe, SirSpleXxx, Ace, NickB, Killa Scotty, Mac Fame, The Others Production & Bro_Dini etc) just to name a few and recently linked up with the CloudVijon team. It’s definitely been a humbling experience so far I came in not knowing anybody to shaking hands and people actually knowing my name. So the goal I set out I pretty much accomplished already so I’m good, but to open up for a major artist would be pretty dope to.


[chat question=”Which week did you give your best performance and why?”]

Week 2 was pretty dope cause that’s where I got the attention of Teresa and Susie and also Valencia over at Drank Epidemic so I knew then I was on the right path, but week 4 was my BEST performance because I got the crowd more involved than I had in the weeks prior. It’s all about progression because even my BEST could be BETTER.


[chat question=”What sets you apart from other artists?”]

Well I think you already established that (laughs). My ability to network/support other artist doing their thing and my personality sets me apart. We could ALL WIN if we started supporting each other. I have never been a hater and never plan on becoming one it’s all love on my side. I’m a fan first before anything. Also being able to rap a little bit helps as well, and my smile is a plus (laughs).


[chat question=”Where are you from?”]

I’m from Compton, California. My roots run here in Houston though being that my family is all from here so I represent for the city as well.


[chat question=”Who inspires your music?”]

Man, honestly a little bit of everybody and everything from the guy on the corner to me sitting and listening to some old N.W.A records.  I draw inspiration from all over, it’s not one set thing that inspires me. I could be working out or having a conversation with someone who sparks me to write. So to pick one specific person, place, or thing wouldn’t be fair. I believe as an artist you can’t limit yourself true artistry goes above and beyond the status quo.


[chat question=”Pac or Biggie?”]

I plead the fifth (laughs). OK so the west coast part of me has to ride with Pac, but if I can be politically correct they’re both legends in their own right there I said it (laughs).


[chat question=”Who are 5 Kickback artists that you are feeling from this season?”]

Man it’s a lot, but if I had to choose. Jay Kell, SirSplexx, Big Fatts, John Doe & Johnny Lee (killing cyphers), Simone Sky is dope, Dewayne Jackson (when he shows up *laughs). I know that’s like 7, but oh well it’s plenty more that’s just a freestyle off the top of the dome.


[chat question=”What is the hardest part of being an artist?”]

My personal opinion if you’re a TRUE artist there really shouldn’t be anything hard. Real artistry is a gift you either have it or you don’t. It’s a lot of rappers and not enough artists an artist paints pictures. You hear an artist and you can see their words come to life in your mind. A rapper just raps (laughs*).  I’ve come to a point just to let the music speak for itself not all music is for everybody, but if it’s good people will mess with it.


[chat question=”Which of your songs best represents your style as an artist?”]

They all really represent me of course since I write them (laugh), but if I have to pick one its this new one I recently wrote called “Is She Worth It” off my upcoming mixtape “Purple Earth: Vibe Sessions.”  It’s me talking to music in a form of a female and my struggle with her trying to find my way to her heart. I talk about how many times I wanted to just give up on music and why she was making it so difficult for me to get in but easy for wack rappers. It also highlights her dissatisfaction of the current state of music. It’s a deep story and if you feel the same way about music as I do then you will relate to this joint 100%.


[chat question=”Where do you see your entertainment career going?”]

I see it going to the moon (laughs). I see myself branching off and doing other things. Anyone who’s ever had a conversation with me will tell you I say all the time music for me is a gateway to many other forms of entertainment I want to be involved in. I want my career to be a marathon not a quick sprint. Music isn’t always guaranteed you can be HOT one day and be COLD the next. Acting, hosting, screenplay writing, whatever the case maybe whether I’m in front of people on a stage/screen or behind the scenes as long as I’m involved I’m good. I don’t plan on rapping forever but I think I could be the next Denzel though (laughs).


[chat question=”Where can people hear more of your music?”]

You can catch in on & You also can follow me on twitter/benniedub & instagram/benniedub. Shout out to TrueSole I have nothing but love for y’all over there it’s always a pleasure blessings to you all.

Check out Bennie Dub’s single “Alley Oop”

Alley Oop

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