Kringe – Blind Spot (prod. Dion Crysis)

An ode to the naysayers “Blind Spot” seems to be Kringe’s direct response to those who doubt his dreams as a music artist. Those 9 to 5 + overtime workers seem to be attacking Kringe’s different approach to making a living and he responds by screaming “F*ck That Sh*t”.

The song definitely has its own style and at a time where everyone sounds like everyone else that is different in itself. The context and dark beat prove that this is not a song for radio or a strip club but I can see a crowd full of house party-goers holding up red cups and screaming the hook and having a great time with it.

Continue following your dreams Kringe. I’m curious to see where you are going next with your sound.

Artist Note: I had fun with this one. Blind Spot is mainly about non-supporters who cannot see anything bigger than themselves and have no vision towards a more passionate and artistic way of life, just basic.

Catch Kringe on IG:  @_kringe_


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