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If you were not at Kickback last Sunday you missed a defining moment of Season 3.  People were there for the Kab vs. Johnny Lee cypher and that was obvious but a few of the performance artists really capitalized on the spirit of the day. Before we get into that, I feel it is important to hear about one of my favorite parts of Kickback, the line.

I have heard the rumblings about the Kickback sign up process and the major complaint has been the vets don’t wait in line. Newcomers get there in the mornings and at 12 when the sign up starts some rappers hop in at the front which causes other artist not to get to perform after waiting for hours. This week in an unprecedented move, Suzie took pictures of the line at around 9 a.m and during the sign up she asked anyone who wasn’t captured on the photo to get to the end of the line. Did this upset some folks? Yes, but overall I think it was a fair move and a step in the right direction.

This also lead to one particular artist attempting to bribe other performers and even attempt to pay Suzie for a spot on the list. The Kickback team made it very clear…YOU CAN’T BUY YOUR WAY WITH THEM. I think this was noted and appreciated by everyone present.

Now to the main event. There are too many artist to list but the ones who shined as far as performers go (IMO) were:

Bigg Fatts with his reference to the Kab vs. Johnny cypher show down in his opening freestyle, his heartfelt rendition of a Meek Mills joint (being released today) and wrapping it up with his fail proof Microphone Killa track.

Reggie Gohnson killed it with one of my favorite underground tracks period, “Black Flow Reggie”. He even performed a little scat at the end which I personally loved.

Trail Blaze who I have titled the most under rated rapper at Kickback actually didn’t do his own set but performed with other very talented Verse Records label mates and shined.

Simone Skye a beautiful new face at Kickback who is making a splash with her vocal abilities along with dancing and rapping.

Tha Phoundation also lived up to expectations and I have yet to see give a bad show. Larro,  D-Boy Danny, Dewayne Wavy, Bennie Dub, Trilly, Wizz Kushman (he got them beats) all did their due diligence on the stage and you couldn’t help but noticed that there were several #DuckORDie  t-shirts wandering around the venue.

(During the line up that morning Reggie gave a long speech about everyone stepping up their performances and while there was still some work to do, the show this Sunday was an upgrade from previous  Season 3 weeks. Thanks Reggie!)

I would like to say that I viewed week 4 as the week of improvement and I can see the effort being made to make this good event a better one. There are kinks that many supporters mumble about but at the end of the day SF2 is doing something that many don’t have the passion to put together ESPECIALLY for free. I applaud them for that.

For a more in-depth review of the cypher and show as a whole, check out Drank Epidemic’s post here: Review by Tootie of Drank Epidemic/ but we have you covered for a few video snippets.

 Kab – Trail Blaze

Kab – Johnny Lee

Kab – Johnny Lee (with technical difficulties and yes we know it’s “you’re” but this is free nicca hush)



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