KAB vs. Johnny Lee

Kab vs. Johnny Lee #KickbackSundays – Houston Rap

We have all been wondering what is going to set season 3 of Kickback Sundays apart from every other season…well Houston next Sunday it is on! In a heated 8-mile like battle at Kickback Sunday Johnny Lee beat KDogg in the final round of the cypher. Onlookers expressed that Johnny Lee was taking jabs at one particular member of the Headwreckas camp the whole night and it wasn’t the one he was up against. Once Johnny Lee was announced as the winner he surprisingly called out Big Bad Kab for next Sunday which infuriated the normally smiling Doughbezzy. Do not, I repeat do not f*ck with his team.

Next Sunday we expect club Numbers to be deep and heated for this emotional battle cypher and if you think Big Bad Kab is gone just brush off Johnny’s insult (who he beat a few weeks ago mind you) you got another thing coming. Teresa should have put on her habit after saving Johnny Lee from what could have something serious. To raise the stakes Yoady-Yo has put money on the table in support of Kab so hit him up on twitter (@WizzKushman) if you want in on that pot. I’m taking off Monday morning this is about to be a movie moment! See you next week MUTHA FUCKA.


In other news – I love Kickback J. Big Bad Kab: @KabThaDon Johnny Lee: @NoAverageMc

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