Ike Allday “Late Arrival” Album Review |@IkeAllDay

In Ike Allday’s “Late Arrival” album he does something that most artist forget about now a days which is focus on the listeners enjoyment rather than simply showing off his lyrical ability. While a lot of artist scream money over everything, money over b*tches, etc…I love the fact that Ike puts Dreams Over Everythin and you can just chill and relax to his music. It isn’t overly complicated or annoyingly aggressive it’s something you can put on play and chill but he does speed it up on his 6th track, “Bottles” featuring A-Train but as a member of the chunky community I’m not sure how I feel about his “fat girls on rollerskates” line lol. Overall it is a great project and I love that Ike doesn’t go for the typical instrumentals. They are all unique and fit together well. Favorite Track: Cigarillos because of the dope production and Kays amazing vocals. Plus it’s just a cool song overall.

I also have to add that Ike is really persistent and that is something that goes a long way in an industry filled with competition. He makes sure he stands out and I’m glad I listened.

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