I Bet You Think This Blog Is About You


An arrogant man is either blind or foolish

–Me (It’s deep though huh?)

Yesterday I had a conversation with a clown who told me a joke. My first reaction was to laugh (which I did full heartedly) but on second thought I realized it was more sad than funny. I am all about confidence. As a plus sized woman who has never lowered her head or communicated without eye contact I know all about building up your own self-worth. What I disdain is arrogance; especially arrogance without just cause so now a truth moment for all indie artists who decide to put their nose in the air to avoid the smell of their own shit…

  1. When you lie and say you are performing at an event and fail to show up it makes YOU look bad. Professionals know this, if you don’t, you are NO professional.
  2. If your name on a flyer doesn’t cause 1 person to attend an event that means the event planner did YOU A FAVOR by getting your name out there. You are ONLY benefiting them if the idea of your presence can entice some type of support. If your name means nothing to noone but yourself please don’t FOOL yourself into thinking the event planner was honored to list you.
  3. Once you have paid to perform at an event (TWICE) you look really dumb when you make comments like you are too good to perform for free one month later. Especially when there has been no major change in your career or fan base. Umm your sense of perception is all jacked up.
  4. Never put down other artist (especially those on an equal or higher caliber of you) by saying you are too good to perform at an event they are performing at.
  5. Usually when artist are the biggest asses their music quality is bad, their lyrics are not memorable in any form or fashion and overall their music sucks. The end.

For a second I almost let the rude comments of one delusional ass make me second think the opportunities that I make for a large community of underground artist but had to take a second to think about it and I can’t punish the artist who have supported us since day 1 for a fool who I never cared enough about to write a blog. Best wishes.

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