For The Love of Tootie – Ep. 1 @TootieWootie

FTLOTWe always hear reality stars saying “the show didn’t show me as a good person”. I never really understood that until now. Two days ago my friend (I don’t use that term lightly), Tootie and I debuted her first reality show (and my first reality production) “For The Love of Tootie” and from that we have received mixed responses.

For those who know Tootie, they see her as a fun loving goofball who is always giving and loving. They are 100% right but in the first episode of the show, Tootie has an emotional moment and cries when speaking to her ex-husband. Many people feel that she cried because she wants him back or because he caused her so much pain but that is not the case. On our next episode, Tootie will share what stirred these emotions and we get to watch her go out with her first “Candi Date”.

Stay tuned and we hope you enjoy the show. If you would like to be a part of either the production team or be a guest appearance or “Candi Date” on the show, feel free to reach out via email to truesole (at) yahoo (dot) com.


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