Featured Artist: Tuned In With 2 Raw!

BHard of TrueSole: Where are you from?
2Raw: I’m originally from Houston, Tx (of course) the southeast side. I spent the majority of my childhood off Lawndale in some ghetto old apartments called Redwood. Till about 4th or 5th grade I moved around to a small town called Yoakum, Tx (close to Victoria) then a few years later returned back to Houston moving back and forth from the Katy area to the southeast side year after year.
BHard of TrueSole: How did your environment impact your music?
2Raw: I think moving around a lot made me not get too comfortable about where I was in life. I was either living pretty okay or living almost horrible. I’m talking rats, food stamps, hand me downs (or Thrift clothes) etc. So no matter where I was I kept my composure hoping for the best but the experiences really influenced the “not forgetting where I came from” attitude you hear in my lyrics from time to time. Ex. “Never been the type to rap about the kicks I’m rocking, cause as a kid i ain’t never had too many options.” or “Couple dollars in my pocket still snacking on Ramen Noodles.” I could go on but you get the point. The way I grew up is the way I still carry myself till this day in my music and outside of it.

BHard of TrueSole:  Where do you see yourself going as far as rap is concerned?

2Raw: I see myself as of now barely building and getting people to understand the feel I’m trying to bring and the overall message. Still learning things as I go and starting to be creative on building my own personal brand from ground up. Of course I want the best I can get for myself like radio play, tours, the whole nine. But the way the game is NOW its just so much more you gotta work on before that can even be an option. So my goal for now is just establish a good enough buzz and name that I can get a lot of out-of-town shows and get some merchandise finally I can get moving. And kinda lay back (not literally) and just eat off features, shows, & merch while building my buzz more & more each day.


BHard of TrueSole:  Who are your top 5 underground rappers right now?

2Raw: Top 5 underground rappers. I really fuck with a lot of artists down here, reason why I love Houston is there’s so much talent floating around. As a hispanic I was a fan of GT Garza growing up jamming a lot of his old stuff that kept me motivated and to keep pushing as far tryna become a Latin artist. Doughbeezy of course his grind is one to take notes from and is a real humble dude. Theres this little hispanic dude around the southeast his name is Doeman I think he recently started ridin’ with GT’s crew. I actually fuck with his music a lot he’s younger than me but he can spit his ass off. I fuck with L.E.$ as well, he’s doing his thing. I bump a couple of his mixtapes. And not so much anymore but I was fuckin’ with Mookie Jones when I was a lot younger good to still see him at it, got one of his mixtapes on my phone I jam. Happy to say I worked with most of these artists as well.


BHard of TrueSole:  Every rapper has that one song that is guaranteed to get the crowd going. What song is that for you?

2Raw: Well as of now I have this song called “Throwed In The Game” prod. by Da Champ Productions from Dallas. Has a classic Fat Pat sample that makes it hard not to wanna bob your head and vibe out. Kinda has that old ’99 feel mixed in with my style which is a badass blend. Got a lot of great response from it. Even won a 1,000 showcase hosted by Houston’s own Kiotti off that song. So I’m grateful to have a good jam that works the crowd like that one.

BHard of TrueSole: Do you ever feel like you are giving too much of yourself in a song?

2Raw: I don’t think I give TOO much of myself in my music. I mean I get personal but not to the point where I make it seem like I’m living a dark and hard life. We all got the personal songs where we share the things we need to get off our chest, after all that’s what we do music for. But for me I haven’t released that kind of song YET. But when I do believe it will be relatable to most.

BHard of TrueSole: Out of all your lines, which do you think was your best bar?

2Raw: If you hear my music I’m real crazy with the metaphors or saying crazy things in general. That’s why I love my music. The expression of everyone after I say something crazy is the best feeling. Out of so many I did this written flow a long time ago with my bro Big Tank for a group cd we dropped. It was off a M.I.M.S beat “Move If Ya Wanna” I think it was. You can even still find it on Youtube if you look hard enough. Minus me sounding young as hell I really liked this line. “something something (can’t remember fully) but I’m steady passin’ them, tell them boys to keep up with me like a Kardashian!” Idk why out of all my lines that’s one of my favorites. I was like 16 or 17 when I said that shit. I thought it was the sickest thing.
BHard of TrueSole: Ideally, would you rather be on stage, in the studio or in the crowd?
2Raw: Honestly, I would rather be on stage. That’s my favorite place to be, all eyes on you and people are paying you some attention (most of the time) to what you gotta say. That’s where I feel the most powerful. Like I got everyone’s eyes and ears to speak my mind and how I feel about things. I’m telling them my life, dreams, things I’ve seen, things I strive for…all that. It’s the best feeling in the world cause people see your vision and they don’t expect me to be so energetic and crazy. The love I get after I get off stage makes everything I go thru in this game worth it. Turning people’s “Who the hell is this little mexican? I know he is not tryna rap” to “Wow I didn’t know you had that in you. Don’t stop you’ve got something.” that’s the feeling I live for.

BHard of TrueSole:  We all know that you are one of the few Kickback artists who has received a “Golden Ticket” every show but if you were in charge, what five artists would you give tickets to (excluding yourself)?

2Raw:If it was up to me there’s a lot of dope ass artists at Kickback. I would definitely give a ticket to K-Dogg he’s one of the most talented guys I’ve seen there. Bigg Fatts of course cause on top of being a dope ass artist he’s a stand up guy who doesn’t hold nothing back. I fucks with Don Linen cause I’m all about smooth vibes and chill flows, he brings that to the table. Plus I seen him open Kickback AND close it as well he’ll have the crowd vibing no matter his slot. This is tough cause down to the last 2 and I don’t wanna leave out the people I really believe have talent. My homie XO rocks the crowd nicely so I’d have to give one to him. As for the last probably Trilly dude kills it every time just listen to the crowd.

BHard of TrueSole: How do you think Kickback benefits local artist in Houston?

2Raw:Kickback offers the chance for you to get heard, get more exposure and link with some dope ass artists you didn’t know of. Also its a learning experience, you LEARN things every week whether its politics of the game or how to play it smarter with the choices you make as a musician. Each week you go you learn how to improve yourself. Get honest feedback. How to be performance ready for bigger platforms to come! Not just like in any open mic where you do your set get a few handshakes after and leave. You have reasons to stay besides yourself. They got sick ass cyphers everyone looks forward to, and other artists you grow to like and become supporters of, a true hiphop underground event. Once you make a mark your door is open to much bigger platforms and opportunities. They offer you an honest crowd and lots of chances to further yourself in the city where its hard to get in the “Bigger picture” or opening slots that are almost impossible to be apart of. This is my first official season and I wouldn’t rather be apart of anything else. We can’t thank them enough for what they do.
BHard of TrueSole: What projects can people expect to hear from you?
2Raw: Well I’m working on my 3rd official solo mixtape. No name yet but I promise it will be my best work so far. Each project I learn more and more on how to go about things or the choices/mistakes I make. So this time around I’m really taking it slow to make something perfect and make me stand out and put me in the place I really wanna be. But if you haven’t heard my earlier work download Fantas, Fatties N Flows ft. Doughbeezy, Lil Ray (Boss Hogg), Felo (Swishahouse) &more http://www.hotnewhiphop.com/2-raw-fantas-fatties-n-flows-mixtape.52121.html or my newest project to date Home Is Where The Heart Is ft. T. Guy, L.E.$ &more! http://www.hotnewhiphop.com/2-raw-home-is-where-the-heart-is-mixtape.82760.html

BHard of TrueSole: Okay, I want to give one question that is completely unrelated to music. Name the best restaurant in Houston.

2Raw: Lol well it may not be the “best” but it is for sure my favorite. Its a Mongolian stir fry called Genghis Grill. Maaaayne it hits the fucking spot! They have a buffet where you make your own bowl! A meat section, seasoning section, veggie section & sauce section. Anything you choose will be so damn good. You pick your starch (fried rice,white rice, noodles etc.) give your bowl to the chef and he throws it on the grill bam like 15 mins later your bowl is fully cooked steaming and ready to eat! Look it up and try it dope ass spot.

BHard of TrueSole: 
Last question, how can people find you and your music?
2Raw: Hit me on Twitter I’m on there like nonstop sometimes lol. Twitter is @omg2raw, Instagram: omg2raw, Vine: omg2raw, Youtube: omg2raw or email 2raw.rv@gmail.com for business.

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