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Express has released a visual for the “Orientation” which is the first track off of one my new favorite albums, “Higher Learning” and I am glad to say that he did not disappoint.

The director, James Cmeroon, did an excellent job of capturing the dark feel of the track with is dust filled, projector lit room. The visual opens with a scene from the Higher Learning movie as Ice Cube rants about the power of financial institutions and the new aged form of slavery (debt). Express stands tall in the center of the screen as dark scenes from America’s history are displayed on the wall behind him but to avoid giving away too much…. just watch.

Fresh off the highly anticipated release of Higher Learning, Express gives us just enough time to swallow before he drops visuals to the lead track Orientation. The Jmes Cmeroon visual takes us back to the first day of school. The atmosphere is very edgy but composed as Express presents to his peers. Speaking on things that may have him in detention in certain classrooms, Express placidly challenges his classmates and the world to think for themselves and get High… er Learning.

Express – Higher Learning (Album)
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About Express

Express [ik-‘spres]: n. A mode of speech; utterance. v.
The action or instance of representing an idea by language, signs or actions. Texas emcee Express hails from the
Alief community of southwest Houston. Throughout Express’ life he was constantly surrounded by musical influence
coming mainly from his mother exposing the future artist to an eclectic variety of music from Jazz Hip-Hop and R&B to Jazz.

Whereas a number of emcees begin their musical careers at a relatively early age, Express did not consider becoming a rapper
until later in his teenage years. After sharpening his skills& studying his craft Express released his debut project
“Out For The Classics” 2011 then followed up with “How To Be A Player” in 2012 both of which you can hear via Express’ website

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