Event Recap of #RhythmandRhymes presented by @LiveInkEnt

It is rare to see people hanging outside the club after an independent artist talent exhibition but this is exactly what happened at Live Ink Ent’s Rhythm and Rhymes Event. The Avani Lounge located in Houston, TX on Hilcroft and 59 South housed a lyrical and vocal smorgasbord of rappers, singers and entertainers ranging from the seductive love songstress Simone Skye to the loud, funny and profound lyricist Bigg Fatts.

The hosts of the night, Onehunnidt and Robin did a great job of entertaining the crowd between acts once they got comfortable. Onehunnidt who normally seems pretty mellow and chill was leaning more on the goofy side as cracked jokes and displayed random funniness to the audience.  Robin the TrueAngel started off a little nervous due to it being her first hosting event but eventually she loosened up and realized it was easier to host if she just smiled and flirted with her co-host as they introduced upcoming acts. DrankEpedimic’s own, V The DE-iva mentioned she felt like she was watching a tv show.


By 11pm a few of the acts including Relli and JetPack had already graced the stage and high reviews were given to all. Rolo was completing his set and heads were nodding in the chill atmosphere.

This Rhythm & Rhymes showcase as crafted to focus on content instead of the usual turnt up sound. What I don’t think Live Ink planned, was for the audience to be turnt up off the content but once Austin native Karma Jonze hit the stage that is exactly what happened. Karma apologized for her raspy voice as she was on show #3 from her No False Idols tour but what she didn’t have to excuse was the energetic show she gave to the crowd and she demanded participation.

Karma was followed by T-Dash who crooned to the audience with the help of Dubs music for a few rap breaks. To be honest Dub was missing quit a few of his words tonight but as a team is meant to do, T-Dash tried to pick up where he left off. T-Dash’s voice is a soulful sound similar to Anthony Hamilton but he is 100% his own artist with tracks like “Love Train”. He brought the sexiness of the event up a few levels.

While the women fanned themselves as T-Dash exited the stage the very cool Roy O stepped up and politely asked the dj to hold on playing his first song and instead took to the mic beat-less. After teaching the chant soon enough the audience was screaming along. “Can I kick it? Yes you can!” Roy O has an original hip-hop style and the performance was entertaining from A-Z.

By the time Jodii B. Basik hit the stage the audience was a lot more animated. Somehow one of the show’s beautiful guests was on the floor with heels in the air laughing. Of course Jodii and Onehunnidt couldn’t let the moment pass as they “helped” her find the items that fell out of her purse including a Chili’s gift card that they mentioned several times.

image-2Jodii’s show was one part singing, one part rapping and one part comedy. The ladies were hypnotized with his vocals and shocked because no matter how many times you see him, you always forget he sings as good as he does. As always the whole set was amazing but Rasta Love and Clitar really stood out.

After Jodii B. Basik, the very sexy Simone Skye took to center stage like the vocal queen she is. She announced that she would be deviating from her normal set and left her dancers at home this week. The audience didn’t seem disappointed as she quickly closed her eyes and transformed into beautiful human instrument but not one to stay in a box she hit the mic with her rapping abilities shortly after. My booth buddy V the DE-iva shared that she really loved how well Simone could sing love because many artists can’t.


Simone Skye – Short Event Clip: IMG_3444

By the time Bigg Fatts stepped towards the stage the crowd began standing. Onehunnidt announced him as his friend and Robin proudly told guests that they saved the best for last. Rocking an all black suit Fatts was saying goodbye to this phase of his musical career as he takes a break from shows to focus on making music and touring. Fresh off the road from a New Orleans show, Bigg Fatts didn’t look tired as all as he set it off with his rendition of Rick Ross’s “Amsterdam” featuring host/rapper Onehunnidt. The dj who had been blazing through sets all night was chopped down by Fatts: “The DJ a little to eager tonight. Slow it down. I know you anxious.”  Fatts show also featured Nauti as they performed “Better” and overall Fatts gave a stellar show.


Bigg Fatts – Short Event Clip: IMG_3443
The final act of the night was Reggie Gohnson who was running behind due to technical difficulties. Very considerate of the venues time he blazed through his set including one of my personal favorite songs, Black Flow Reggie. The venue filled with laughter as he had Onehunnidt join him on a few new tracks and they wrapped up the show very well.


Overall I loved the Rhythm & Rhymes event and for it to be an anti-turn up concert, by the end of the night you surely couldn’t tell.

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