@Doublebe_hwc “Run This”

I am a huge fan of words but sometimes the English language can be limiting and you really just need a visual to express how you feel so to keep it simple when I heard Doublebe’s newest freestyle release “Run This” my coworkers saw something similiar to the following…

The energy that Doublebe brings to everything he does is highly intoxicating. I can just imagine seeing it live, twerking your heart out and Doublebe just egging everyone on. So while I edge closer towards the unemployment line by turning up the volume and playing this again, I encourage readers to follow suite. Happy Monday folks!

Follow Doublebe: @Doublebe_hwc  and look out for the “2FanagShyt” mixtape coming soon and make sure you are at Warehouse Live on the 31st to witness him onstage at Rob Gullatte’s “The Return of Dabo Swinney” concert.


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