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Dope #Houston #Underground Music! S/O to @Doeman_

Okay I am one who believes that there are waaay too many underground artist out here to have to sweat one but after hearing his album “The Understatement” I am officially sweating Houston’s 3rd Ward native rapper Doeman.

We first caught glimpse of the young spitter at the Jet Lounge for one of Afton’s show. His friend Tone (who killed his set btw) generously shared a few seconds with Doeman and he truly used them wisely by dropping a few lines from #6 off his mixtape. We would tell you the name of the track but that would giving too much away. Just know he killed it.

Long story short – It’s only been a few songs that have made me want to run home and blog and even fewer mixtapes. The Understatement has just expanded that list. Looking forward to hearing more from Doeman and we got to get him on at the station ASAP.

Word of caution: Good luck finding that mixtape you probably going to have to catch him at a show to get it but it’s worth it.

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