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DeLorean…A Refresher.

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Let me start by saying that there is a certain rapper that I put on a pedestal. I mean my list goes God, my hubby, my dad then this guy. I won’t say his name but I will say when I heard Delo I thought of this rapper. That’s never happened. I don’t know if Mr. DeLorean would appreciate me thinking this way or not (probably not because most rappers don’t like to be compared to anyone) but I can’t help it. I thought it. I want to take it back but I can’t. When I heard Delo, I heard a younger version of…him.

The best way I can explain the feeling is this: It was like putting your vagina back in a shopping bag, returning it to the store and getting a whole new one. That’s how I felt after hearing Delo. He’s my new vagina…fabulous, talented but tighter!

Seriously though, he has his own style. He’s fresh and I like him. Is it because I heard his song over 60 times at his video shoot? Maybe. Is it because he sat there and waited as we listened to his music for the first time? Who knows but at the end of the day he is memorable and extremely good at what he does.

So for the next few weeks I will be getting to know my new vagina as I go through his whole Hood Politics saga. Hopefully this one doesn’t get wore out….

Check out Ghetto Boy…This was one of my top picks out of his videos.

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