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We didn’t expect to see a normal show at The House of Blue on Saturday. I mean, honestly this venue is the upper upper echelon for live performances in the city and they allowed the highly energetic Cooley Kimble to spill his heart out on the stage and bring guests. This show was destined to be unorthodox.

For starters, while at the McDonalds located in downtown Houston, we receive a phone call from a local celebrity who requested the TrueSole escort service and when the rapper/poet Onehunnidt requests something, you give it. Bigg Fatts pretty much told me to toss my food and let’s get this thing going. The normally overly relaxed Onehunnidt was a little overwhelmed during the short trip to the show because A – I can’t drive, B – I didn’t know how to get where we were going and C – I forced him to get chauffeured, give directions and look sexy at the same damn time (his words not mine) but in spite of all of that and Bigg Fatts’ hilariously blunt commentary, we made our way to the House of Blues. Oh and we had to park fourteen miles away because the guys are failures when it comes to finding free parking spots – so I had to walk. Check out my heavy breathing in my vine below (follow me by the way).

When we f  i  n  a  l  l  y made it to the door we called Cooley to let him know we made it. We were greeted with high-fives and wristbands. Cooley Kimble is so cool..

The show was opened up by a rock band by the name of Hell South. I’m not into rock so I don’t feel like making up some lie about how amazing the bass player is. Not to say he isn’t, but I wouldn’t know the difference so I used that time to visit the bathroom…

Question: Why does the House of Blues have that lady sitting in the restroom just to hand out napkins? It is very awkward.

First of all if you go to a regular bathroom and your digestion is all messed up because you’ve been walking for days to get to the club from the parking spot, you could quietly wait it out until you had the restroom alone. Not at The House of Blues. The lady just sits there, watches, listens and smells all day. Long story short, I flushed, washed hands and asked the professional poo smeller for a napkin because they had conveniently removed all of the paper towels from the dispenser. I had no cash so I flashed her a big smile and left, crisis averted.


Once the show switched to Cooley mode, DJ Tazer came out in his cool and collected fashion and began plugging up his equipment while Bigg Fatts walked on stage rocking his “Will Rap For Food” t-shirt. He welcomed the crowd and made a few light jokes to transition them from rock to rap and shortly after, Cooley Kimble was on the stage and full speed ahead.

His set was an interesting mix of a couple of love styled rap tracks like “Supernatural Woman”, an a capella freestyle and he amp’ed up to full gear when he performed his name sake “Cooley”.

The crowd was made up of obvious fans adorned in their King Coo t-shirts and screaming line for line. Lost in a moment of bliss, passion and excitement, Cooley made a move that was an unbeknownst no-no at the venue. He splashed water on the crowd and the audience loved it. Apparently Cooley has a few fans who are no stranger to the whole wet t-shirt concept but The House of Blues wasn’t feeling it (I think they have a thing against hard nipples) and after Cooley’s next song they cut the show short.

I realize I have a different outlook than most folks and at the time it wasn’t so great but it’s pretty damn cool to get kicked off stage at the House of Blues and have the audience screaming your name. Cooley Kimble rocks!

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