“Changing Lately” Video Review:@IsaacReidMusic ft @devindude420

How to lose a girl in 16 bars? Well that’s an issue hip-hop new comer Isaac Reid tackles in his new music video “Changing Lately”.  A soulful track which features the smooth sounds of Houston’s top rap crooner Devin the Dude. Isaac Reid is a surprising catch in Houston’s musical pond. Surprising in the way I came across his music (a cd on the counter of a Conoco gas station). Surprising in voice when compared to his physical stature and surprising in lyricism when compared to his ever smooth style. Now let’s get back to the video.

The video open with a warm comfortable moment as Isaac and his lady friend find themselves snuggling closely on the couch… Side note, shootout to Isaac for his taste in furniture. I myself visited Mattress Mack a few years ago and purchased the same couch. So I know exactly what its like to become affectionate on the double wide sofa. Good memories.

So all should be well right? After all he has music in his life, he’s in and out the studio, he has a nice home, beautiful girlfriend and even a cute little dog. So what’s “Changing Lately” with Isaac Reid. That’s an answer that can easily be found with any artist pursuing a life on the road and every women thats stood by his side. He soon finds himself more available to the music and less available to the women he loves.

Isaac no longer finds himself on the comforts of the soft cotton sofa and cozy apartment. Instead he finds the cold of a black leather sectional and the emptiness of a converted warehouse. Even while being surrounded by an entourage of spliff heavy friends, it’s apparent the MC is becoming more lonely and closed off. Tempted by the attention of another women Isaac begins to partake in some shady dealings. As his lady sleeps peacefully in their bed he begins to text another women. Letting her know that tonight might not be the best night for a midnight rendezvous.

By the time he realizes that the comfy sofa and cozy apartment with the cute the little puppy is where he should be, its too late. He has effectively pushed this women away. Isaac struggles to make her stay, buts she’s been left alone one to many times. It would also seem that Isaac’s sent one to many late night text messages. As Isaac stares into the darkness of the proverbial window pain, his lady finds herself at the steps of another mans door. Seeing as how this door looks just like Isaac’s door, I think its safe to say she didn’t have to go very far to find the attention she desired.

So how do you lose a girl in 16 bars? Well if you follow Isaac Reid’s example your sure to find the answer to that question yourself. On a personal note Im really feeling Isaac Reid. He’s got a great production team around him, he’s got features from some of Houston’s top talents and he breaths fresh air into a sometimes muggy musical climate. I don’t always listen to cd’s I find at corner stores, but when I do I listen to Isaac Reid.


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Video Directed by Blake Films

Produced by Knock City

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