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After spending only 1 year in the music industry I am learning first hand that some people are nicer than you would think, sneakier than you could imagine and usually have a secret motive behind every smile. That is not the case with the owner of Tootie or as I like to say Tootiepedia.

You can tell when someone genuinely loves what they do when they have to know every minor detail about it. From the artist, to the dj, to the sample…Tootie knows. I don’t care if you pull a underground artist out of a cave in the Amazon this woman can tell you who his influences are and which type of bird he prefers to harmonize with…that’s just how sick she is.

Make sure you check out the blog and support this woman who spends every breathing moment supporting other people. I’m glad I met her :).

Twitter: @TootieWootie

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