Beauty & Talent – The Hottest Female Artists In Houston

If I have one serious complaint about the music scene in Houston it is that our female talent is highlighted nearly enough. We have dope artists ranging from hip-hop to pop in the city but the support does not come close to the talent level. Here is a look at a few of the beautiful and talented ladies of Houston.


Brandy Shanice

Brandy Shanice is absolutely wonderful she has the looks, the talent and the personality. What I Love: She isn't afraid to be different or to stand out.

Bree Terry

Bree Terry has a range that can cover a lot. In this video she goes a little slow but if you haven't heard her big single "Nah Mean" featuring Just Brittany, make sure you go check that out.


Of course I had to add my cohost AKA the baddest dame in the game and Swisha House's first lady. Surreall works here behind off by making appearances, building connections and making great music. She was recently featured on WE TV's reality show, Match Made In Heaven.

BossLady Jaye

BLJ should be titled the queen of promo. She is always dropping eye catching videos paired with fire lyrics.


This is one artist that I never get tired of because I never know where she is taking her music next.


Everything Ashten drops is hot!
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