A word about @Skyboyz_Eagle1 – “Houston’s Finest Hollywoods Your Highness”

treyA few years back I was working at a call center on the north side harassing businesses that I found randomly in the Yellow Pages. I knew going in each day that I would be hung up on, cursed out and verbally beaten before my shift was over and I also knew that I made fifty dollars per day excluding my commissions which I got once a month. The drive was about an hour long in traffic coming from my south side residence so I was up at 6am on the daily. The money wasn’t worth the stress, but I couldn’t afford to take off and try to find something else.

Looking back, only one thing forced me to make that drive every day and as cheesy as it sounds I swear it’s true. I had a mixtape made from this guy named Pablo who owned a shop in Almeda mall. Don’t ask me the name of the mixtape because I refuse to lie but on one of the tracks there was the song “Hustlin” by Rick Ross. Yes, I know Katt Williams (is he off that shit yet?) killed the song with his whole Mc Donald’s skit but that doesn’t change the fact that I owe Rick Ross homage just for getting to that job every day. You have to respect that shear motivational music.

Eventually the song wore out and I quit the job. I never really thought back on it until today while driving in and listening to Flyboi Trey’s “Houston’s Fines Hollywoods Your Highness” mixtape. The cd is good. I honestly like it, but there is something about the sixth track, “Getting to da money ft. Str8 Ginn”, that makes me want to go drop off a few mixtapes at call centers across the nation. Yes, you have to respect that shear motivational music.

Other notable tracks include “Kush n cigarillo ft. seano phresh and Str8 Ginn” and “Skyed Up” but the whole thing jams. I highly recommend the mixtape and encourage folks to go check it out for themselves.  You have to select your own faves.


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