A random summary of Tootie’s #Tunes4auTism event.

To say that Tootie’s event was a success would not be giving her the praise she is deserved for throwing the Tunes4auTism charity event benefiting the Avondale House. Zanzibar on Westheimer was filled with up and coming Houston artists, media and plenty of smiling faces who just wanted to patronize the cause or support Tootie. So long story short I had a lot of fun, saw some great acts and somehow I forgot to close my tab and left my card at the end of the night but I’m sure you want to know more so here are the #Tunes4auTism highlights:

No artist paid to perform – NOT ONE and Tootie was still able to raise a nice little wad for the Avondale House.

Phil Wade had on bowling shoes. He made them look great on stage as he performed “Swangas on the highway” with Lil Jeff and the whole set was energy filled. I need to get me an “I Love Lil Jeff” shirt though. Lil Jeff isn’t the biggest guy but you couldn’t tell it as he stood on the table proudly rapping with his country swag.

KDogg is about to take over Houston. That’s all we need to say about that but I’m always glad to see my favorite guy Doublebe in the building. If you have never seen Doublebe perform you are doing yourself a great injustice. His energy level is through the roof so I would be scared to let this attention grabbing artist on a verse with me but KDogg knows what he is working with lyrically and definitely didn’t have no worries as they tore down the club.

Rob Gullatte doesn’t believe in clothes. So far I have a 100% success rating when it comes to seeing Rob’s nipples when he is performing. He brought the same passionate flow that he always does when he hits the stage and that “New Freak” track is amazing! Gosh I wish there was a video…hint hint but seriously his “Screen Door” song had people in a trance.

Bigg Fatts and DJ Mankind had an old school ranking session. All I remember was slugs about Popeyes on Tuesdays but they had the crowd laughing as they went back and forth right before Fatts took off his hosting hat and got into rapper mode as he performed Microphone Killa and Best to Ever Do it. Good shit but yal know I’m 100% biased.

Tha PhounDation raised the dead. At that dreaded part of the night where people are either trying to solidify their sex buddies for the night or sneak out the back door, Tha PhounDation turned them around and woke them up. Honestly though, I’m not surprised because that’s what real rappers do and I have seen their crowd resurrections on numerous occasions. Oh and it was so cute to see EP in his custom made #Tunes4auTism shirt. That’s love.

TankLaw was too sexy for his voice. The long-haired sexy thug who goes by TankLaw has been performing for a week straight and unfortunately it caught up with him last night. He had the crowd intense with excitement as he grabbed the mic but after a few words it was painfully obvious that he had been robbed of his voice so rather than strain it further he graciously returned the mic to the dj. He still walked away with a huge applause. Shout out to Meechie and Santana of Str8 Lace Ent and Naked Essentials for being sponsors of the event.

Duck proved that he is cursed and blessed. The music sounded horrible and then it didn’t play. That was the curse but luckily he is blessed to be a performer and performed his acapella set like a g. Best line…”Lil Mama you should try and act your age and not your weave length.”

Reggie Gohnson was great. Great performer, cool guy and he is a self-proclaimed sex symbol now that he has gone a little less grizzly. He was one of the first acts to grace the stage and did an impeccable job at setting the bar high. #BlackFlowReggie

Lana Fame has officially stolen Wale’s “Bad”. This woman’s voice is unbelievable. Tootie, Vonetta of Hush DVD and I sounded like her toad inspired backup singers (well not Tootie who can actually sing) but when you hear something that sounds as good as Lana’s voice you stop caring how you sound and just want to sing along.

So when you can fill a book with your highlights you know it was a great event and because I know people get bored after so many words I’ll cut this short but shout out to all of the acts because there was honestly not a single bad one and a huge thanks to everyone who came out to support a special cause.

As a final note to artists who don’t believe of showing their face unless they are grabbing a mic: Surreal, Doughbeezy, Kab The Don and Onehunnidt all came out to support the cause and this is why they are all continuously blessed and consistently climbing up the ladder to greatness.

Finally – Great job Tootie! I’m so proud of you.

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