Surreall and Kris-Chuhn

A Day in the life of @TrueSoleEnt model Kris-Chuhn @vivalablaxican

Ughh. I hate pretty women. Kris-Chuhn is the official first model for TrueSole Ent. and according to her she is about to start a whole modeling department. Yesterday we headed to a casting call for the next Yandy Girls and it rolled into a night of blessing after blessing.

After handing over her headshots (S/0 to On The Square Photography) we walked outside where the owner of the Yandy product line came out to tell us more about the opportunity. He ran through his business plan and what he expects from the models and hinted that he would like Kris-Chuhn to be Ms. Pineapple Express (we were opting for Bubbalicious but we will take it :).

From there, we headed over to Texas 101 Jams to pick up my buddy/twin Tootie (check out and met up with the awesome guys from ADX (Afta Dark Xperience) and without giving away too much…that turned into a great meeting.

Finally, we ended up at Toc Bar to support TrueSole artist, and the best hype woman in Texas, Fiya AKA Media Mogul along with our buddys Queendom Come and Surreall and by the end of the night she had an offer to be in Queendom’s next video.

I must say, I have been beautiful all my life but I have been fat even longer. After seeing the opportunities that come just from being sexy I’m about to get on my workout plan lol. Just kidding, blessings come to those who deserve them and Kris-Chuhn does. She’s a beautiful lady inside and out and we are glad to have her on the team.


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