5 Things We DO Like About Pyrexx and Mike D Behind The Scenes Footage

Got a twitter present today from Mike D today. (Although I have a strong feeling it was automatic I’m going to make myself feel special…) He shot over the behind the scenes footage of the making of Pyrexx and Mike D “That’s The Shit I Do Like Video” so since they going in on what they do and don’t like, here are 5 thing we DO like about their behind the scenes footage.


1. Mike D’s pajama pants – Dopeness

2. Guy playing the drums behind Pyrexx – He looks so serious.

3. Pyrexx zillions of tattoos. – How many are there anyway?

4. That Pyrexx hoodie Pyrexx is rocking. – Not a grease stain in sight.

5. Sitting on the couch 5 deep throwing money. – That never gets old.

Can’t wait to see the official video.

By the way after we watched it the video immediately went to private so now I really feel like we got some type of VIP present lol but yal can at least hear the song here…

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